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The Hazelview Orchard has the benefit of some of the best quality soils to be found in the Canterbury region. We are able to grow a range of nuts, fruits, herbs and flowers. Much of what we grow is simply for our own interest and curiosity, and in many instances we inherited the trees or plants when we purchased the property. However, we do grow commercial quantities of hazelnuts and walnuts. Although in much lower volumes, we also grow chestnuts, almonds, cherries, feijoas, olives and the exotic spice, saffron.


While most of our main crops are sold for processing, we retain sufficient volumes, particularly of hazelnuts and walnuts, to supply an increasing number of people wanting fresh nuts. We also sell our saffron, and in their respective seasons, the chestnuts and cherries as direct retail sales.


If you are staying as a guest at Hazelview you will find a complimentary selection of Hazelview Orchard nuts in the apartment. As a guest you are also very welcome to wander through the orchard and gardens to collect whatever may appeal for inclusion in a meal should you decide to prepare lunch or dinner for yourself. There are many herbs, some cultivated, growing in the gardens or scattered among the trees.


Diane has a particular interest in this side of things and is always willing to share her knowledge of both the culinary and medicinal properties of these intriguing plants.